Chimney Cleaning & Inspection

  A thorough cleaning of the chimney flue, smoke chamber, smoke shelf and firebox. We clean and adjust your damper and check for visible defects.


​Chimney Lining & Relining

  Sometimes your chimney has internal problems:leaking gases due to cracks, unlined chimneyney or flues not properly sized to the appliance. Most times the chimney does not need to be torn down and rebuilt to solve the problem. Simply installing a new, properly sized liner or stainless steel, aluminum alloy or new terra cotta liners will solve your chimney problems.


​Repair and Restoration

  Have you noticed problems with your brickwork?  We have been successfully repairing and restoring brick work for years. Our prices are competitive.


Chimney Screens

  Protection from unwanted intrusion by animals, leaves, nests, etc.

   Recommended for gac furnace flues.


Raincap with Screen

   Protection from animals, leaves, nests and the deteriorating effects of rain. Available in standard or custom sizes. Available in stainless steel or copper.

   Recommended for fireplace or oil furnace flues.


Top Sealing Damper

  Protection from cold homes. If your fireplace damper is warped, rusted or missing you are losing heat up your chimney. Even with a good damper heat is escaping. Installing a top sealing damper to be used with an existing damper or as a replacement damper is an investment that pays for itself quickly in heat savings. Keeps out rain, bugs and animals.

   Fireplaces only